Sunday, October 31, 2004

My Plans for the Winter and Beyond

No one asked but these are my plans for the winter.

I want to write a book. I figure I've read enough and have a head full of useless historical information sooooooo I'd like to write a short book actually more of a collection of letters written to and from the women of this area between the 1780's and the 1840's. Sort of a maritime history of what it was like being home alone and writing to your father, brother, husband while they were out at sea as so many men were during that time in our local history. I've have a workingn title at the moment.....Dear Caroline: Letters Across the Waters.

Caroline is Caroline Currier who's father Capt. Caleb Currier's portrait hands in the Portsmouth Historical Society. I know of one letter that he wrote to her that was filled with longing for word of what home life like while he was. I found it very interesting and that's where the idea grew from. At the least I might learn something.

Let's see what else do I want to accomplish.........oh yeah driving Chris to the brink of insanity by staring at him and saying that I am bored and I'd like to become a bit better at crocheting as it keeps my hands busy which makes me less apt to choke him.


Jim said...

"Write that book!!" says I. You'd be a great author.... words just flow out of you, which can be scary sometimes, but I digress... You've got an idea for a book then go for it.... better than murdering your husband.

I love to write, too. In fact, my friend and I just sent a script off to a screenplay contest. Wish us luck.

Unknown said...

Now you sound like CRB as yesterday he 'wanted my opinion' and in the same breath said 'ok not really because it scares me'!!!

If I can just get disciplined I could really get into the book. Right now my best laid plans aren't working well. Maybe I should do a book on Blogger comments?! I dare ask? If you're famous you won't forget me will you?? Good ole Kazoooo?? Stevnils the dog??? The dark basement at your house that's a total secret???? Am I in the screenplay by any chance? A character based on me?? Sort of like Lucy from Charlie Brown with a bit of Peppermint Patti thrown in??? Or a drop dead hot chick based on the picture in my brain of how I should look and If I squint I can sort of resemble it from a distance (like the moon)?

Still working on the crocheting to. Can anyone do a granny square? I just can't get the hang of it! I can't do things in a circle for some reason. So I've started making a poncho that involves just 2 crocheted strips attached together (I can't figure out the attachment part yet but I'll cross that bridge when I finish both