Sunday, October 31, 2004

Odd Stuff from the Local News

I have to thank Jim for giving me this idea and for sending me the link to his blog as now I can talk to myself and type at the same time...way to go

This I found in the local newspaper on Friday.....we are a bunch of freaks around here and this proves it!

Rochester woman had her eye on Red Sox win
Democrat Staff Writer/Fosters Daily Democrat/Citizens

ROCHESTER — The Boston Red Sox can credit smooth pitching, timely hitting, and Shirley Gray’s right eyeball for their first World Series championship in 86 years.
In what was sure to be a sign of the Red Sox impending victory, doctors scoping the back of Gray’s eye Monday found the blood vessels and veins converged neatly into the shape of the red Boston "B," like those found on the caps of Curt Schilling and "Big Papi" Ortiz.
The procedure, said Gray, was intended to determine whether she will need surgery for a diabetes-related ailment.
What she got along with the medical exam was an awe-struck look from the technician doing the test and hard evidence that this had to be the year of the Red Sox.


Jim said...

...and you call ME strange....

Lordy, ANY sign that my team will win this year!! Hey, finding a "B" in this woman's eyeball ain't so strange. In ancient Rome, commanders were deemed fit to rule based soley on the purity of the blood that flowed from sacrificed animals... so.... "Hey Fred!! The veins form a 'B'! That must mean the Sox are gonna win!"

Unknown said...

I never once called you strange. 10x maybe but NOT once!

Weird stuff, never knew that bit of historical info.....
Next the kidney stone shaped like a football helmet! OOOH that's gonna hurt...LOL.