Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Every Vote Needs to Be Counted!

First I want to congratulate GWB for being re-elected (we think).

Ok enough with being nice!

Every and I mean EVERY vote needs to be counted! Is Ohio the new Florida? Of course I think we're being naive if we think that Ohio is the only state with Provisional votes that haven't been counted.

I personally couldn't concede anything if ALL the votes haven't been counted no matter what the outcome. Doesn't it make you wonder why you should bother to vote?? I would be peeved to have stood in line for hours like some people only to learn that provisional votes aren't really counted unless the election is close? I've heard people today say...'well GWB won the popular vote!" well that's fine and dandy (though almost half the country still didn't vote for him) as that should mean the Al Gore would have been running for re-election if we 'counted' the popular vote! We have to get rid of this electoral college crap and vote for our own President!

If you voted....good job! If you voted for GWB please do NOT whine, grind your teeth or wring your hands if Iraq is indeed the Vietnam of this generation. If you believed in his policies or lack there of enough to vote for him then you get what you get. Don't ask me for gas money to fill up your Humvee! Oil again topped $50.00 a barrel today. Sometimes I feel like we live in the United States of Saudi Arabia. Let's hope that if GWB is really our President again that this time is can tell the truth and do something about the sad state of this country and then worry about all the Oil in Iraq and all the tea in China.

I'll give him one chance and one chance only to change my mind. I was proud of the guy on Sept 11th since then I've been more than mildly disappointed.

Oh and if the Ports. Naval Shipyard is on the BRAC list as Donald Rumsfeld is trying to privatize our military (talk about can anyone spare a couple of rooms for us to live in? We're pretty quiet and only have a few pets.....Thanks


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