Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How Spare Change Could Save the World

Have you ever noticed that when your checking account reaches the balance of $1.57 and it's no where near pay day that the mircle called 'spare change' often appears?

Think about it for a second. Your broke, you really don't want to pay an overdraft fee (hasn't it gone up to your first born AND your car?) and you need a few bucks to get through the rest of the week for things like tolls and candy bars. In comes good ole' spare change' to save the day!

Once my spare change added up to over $50.00 and my first reaction was WTF???? I've been sacrificing for ages and I had FIFTY BUCKS?!? I promptly cashed it in and bought myself a decaf mocha latte, a croissant, and a book. Wow the crisis was over! I still had a few bucks left for tolls and candy bars and no bank fees to boot!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we all just put our spare change in a fund. All of it, everyone say in North America. Imagine how much cash we'd have! We'd probably be able to by at least a small country like maybe Costa Rica or something. Or wait maybe we can do something good and start our own national healthcare plan.....wow think of the possibilities that just a jar of spare change could accomplish.

Or you could think locally and just toss that change into the Salvation Army Kettles. They are a bit hard to find this year as we don't want to insult the sensiblities of those that 'have' and don't want to be reminded that there is a whole segment of society, probably someone in their own neigborhood, that is a 'have not'. Nope we don't want to upset the shoppers now do we? Heaven forbid that we be reminded that some people aren't part of this big economic turn-around that the US is experiencing.

If you're like me you're asking yourself.......did I miss the turn-around? I must have been cashing in my spare change the day the turn-around came to my house.

Think about it.



Jim said...

Reminds me of a story my mom told me (see, we DO interact). Years ago, she had to give up smoking because she had lung cancer; she figured she had spent approximately $1500 a year on cigarettes. Now that she quit smoking, she would have that extra cash lying around, right?? WRONG. The money still disappeared in the form of bills, tolls, candy bars, etc.

Unknown said...

See it's the candy bars...they are the evil ones! I'd walk a mile for a candy bar! I love candy bars...lol