Monday, November 08, 2004

Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss

I need to start staying away from morning television (you know the stuff that I watch during the few mins. of alone time I have). I've always had a complex about not being 'good' enough but these Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss and other commercials have me to the brink of insanity!

Because I am not thin by any means of the imagination, unless you squint and stand in Nebraska, I now can not, according to the commercials, feel happy, sexy, satisfied or what-have-you. Apparently the only way to true happiness is if I lose 125lbs in 26 weeks on LA Weight Loss! My husband will look at me in a different way at least that what the chick on tv tells me because her husband really likes her now! Apparently he hated her before he just married her for the suzi q's she had in her purse. And ok is it just me or do all the 'before' pictures just not look like the women that's talking at me from the tele? She apparently had a nose job to and breast enhancement and it appears she grew a couple of inches to boot! One of my biggest questions after the Jenny Craig spots filled with wonderfully happy people who's life sucked because they couldn't fit into a size 4 flash before my eyes is...............Honey where does all the fat go once you lose it? You know what I mean. Does my slightly extra chin or four just magically disappear, sucked back into my body? How about the flabby arms do they just zip back in? Will my breasts become firmer and younger looking.... Perky again like they were ages ago?

They promise me that it's so easy just eat our food or take our drugs and you to can look like this! No one ever mentions exercise! Not that I am a fan of sweating like a pig but if I ate one less chocolate kiss and exercised everyday wouldn't that be better than going to LA Weight Loss and taking pills? Besides what if this is what I am suppose to be like. Ok I don't really think it is but what if I really should lose a bit of weight for my health but I don't get down to that magical size 4? Does that mean my husband or other men won't look at me as a sexy person? Is sex just for the thin? Can you only be happy if you weight 120lbs? You have a women's shape and a few or more extra pounds...... You better put on the mumu Nancy cuz no one wants to look at you?!

I for one can find happiness no matter what my size, shape, or current hair color! Would I like to fit into that 'perfect' look that everyone is trying (and failing miserably) to get to or do I want to be me? It would be great to prance around in a skimpy bathing suit but I think I'm past that time in my life where I have to be what other people tell me I should be.

So to all you Jenny Craig commercials that tell me that my life sucks because I like pizza. Move over and give me your share!

I got to run and try to find a pair of jeans that aren't cutting off my circulation! I don't think my head is suppose to be this big!!



Anonymous said...

OK all I have to say is I logged onto this site from "brainiacs". Once again you almost had me peeing my pants from your smarty pants comments.

Got to love those weight loss commercials YES we all have heard them. The only good thing going for me is that for some wonderful reason my metabolism works in mysterious ways. When My friends were pregnant before me all I saw was "girls" who were once thin gain a "whole other person" while pregnant. Scared the living daylights out of me.

Well needless to say I eventually did get pregnant and again, thank GOD and my parents I gained 6 pounds the entire pregnancy (baby weighed 6 lbs 14 ozs.) My doctor almost killed me every apointment because I was always in the negative. However, now that my son is 10 years old seems like I have gained more weight now then when I was pregnant. lol So how do I get from my current 135 lbs to that ever so popular 120 lbs that everyone is talking about??

Once to love your posts...keeps me on my toes. Can't say I didn't learn anything though reading it because now I know you are 42 - hehe BY the way I am younger! lol
Maria (rxlexie)

Unknown said...

Great!! Another comment from those 135lb But wait you can't be happy cuz you didn't lose 30lbs on the Anna Nicole Diet!!!!!!! I did gain weight when I was pregnant but lucky for me only 19lbs. Because I was already overweight I gave the doctors fits because they ASSUMED I would gain waayy to much weight but I didn't....really peeved them off! I gained what was appropriate according to all the pregnancy books and I found it pretty hard to even gain that much. I've heard of the person who gained 100lbs during pregnancy and I've always said WTF???? Did you have a baby elephant??

Now if I could weigh what I did while I was pregnant I'd be 15lbs lighter...sigh.

off to find some chocolate!