Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday Morning

Tell me why I don't like Mondays?? lalalala. Ok that's the singing portion of this post.

Another day in paradise in store for me. Jack stayed home from school today as she's not feeling very well so I can entertain her for the WHOLE day!!! Though as sick as she feels she's still laying on the sofa chattering up a storm.

Let's see if I can think for a moment and get an opinion to post...................................

ok here's one. Was watching 60mins last night and saw an interview with Arnold the Barbarian the goveenoor of calyfornea. Seems the man would like to run for President if it's someday possible! Oh please! Should one of the rules be that you have to be able to pronounce the name of the state that you live in? Having an accent is one thing but this guy sounds like one of those dolls with a voicebox that you pull the string to so it can 'talk'. And a defective one at that! I'm also very afraid of manly men as he thinks he is, that wears more makeup that I've owned in my lifetime!

Ok have a good one! Peace......and one more day till election day so get out and vote you lazy people!


Jim said...


No more "I'll be baack", he's here to stay.

Hope Jack feels better.

Unknown said...

Oh great now I'm depressed as I forgot that means Arnie is here to stay.

Going back behind the Sofa.........darn it!