Monday, November 01, 2004

My Age is Showing (good thing I always wear clean undies)

I just checked my email and I always have the noon news sent to me from WMUR (NH TV station for you non-natives) and I obviously am either getting old or am feeling ill. This is what one of the story headlines said:

WHO Plans Summit to Deal With Pandemic Flu Threat

I read it and had these thoughts.............Why the heck would The Who plan a summit? I've never heard of the group Pandemic. Here I was at first getting excited thinking maybe The Who were going to tour as I at first thought it said Summer not Summit and Pandemic was Pantera ( not a group I'd pay to see but if they're opening for The Who I'd sit through it ).

OMG I think I already have the flu or I've lost the ability to read WHOLE words.

Did you ever think that maybe all the abbreviating we do on the internet means that we're raising a generation that will shout LOL during sitcoms? Will yell ROFL while seeing Chris Rock live? Or at the end of the work day say to their fellow co-workers....G2G Cya l8r???

Food for thought.

WHO has to change their name!

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