Tuesday, November 23, 2004

People Are Strange

(from the Associated Press and WPVI radio, florida)

HOLLYWOOD, FL-November 23, 2004 — It's a $28,000 miracle. That's the price Diana Duyser says she's got for her ten-year-old grilled cheese sandwich.

The Hollywood, Florida, woman claims her half a cheese sandwich bears the image of the Virgin Mary. She put the wonder bread-and-cheese up for auction on eBay.

The winning bidder is the online casino GoldenPalace.com. Golden Palace officials say they'll use their new sandwich to raise money for charity.

You don't just drop a $28,000 sandwich in the mail. So, last night, representatives of the casino flew to South Florida to arrange for the sandwich handover.

Let's hope she uses some of her earnings to seek psychiatric help! Or she could buy the Spam that has an image of the Virgin Mary on it! Do I believe the Virgin Mary could show herself on an object? Sure, but on white bread from Publix and Land O Lakes cheese....come on! And if you've seen the picture of the sandwich you can judge for yourself. My opinion is that it looks more like Stevie Nicks than the Virgin Mary!

I've got a potato chip that looks like Bigfoot so I'm off to post it on eBay to see what I can get for it!



Jim said...

Looks like Stevie Nicks? Hell, I'd bid 50 cents. Hmm, I read about the sandwich lady in our newspaper.

It's not HER that needs help so much as all those that participated in the bidding.

Sorry but a petrified sandwich is the last place I'd look for a vision....

Unknown said...

I once had a cookie that looked like frosty the snowman because I used a snowman cookie cutter. People will believe anything that they are told...not all people but some people looking for God knows what!