Saturday, November 20, 2004

Remember When Saturday Night Was Fun?

Ahh the good ole days! Yup those days not so very long ago when you'd take your weekly (ok maybe bath and get all gussied up in your 'Sunday Going-to-Meeting" clothes and off you'd go. You wanted to look great and smell good to the opposite sex, or same sex if you swing that way. You might do a little dance, make a little love, get down to night (yeah yeah I stole it from KC & the Sunshine band so shoot me)! It was S A T U R D A Y Night! And remember Saturday Night's all right for fighting, I mean Elton said it was. And if you got lucky you might get to go 'Racing in the Streets' and then head off to either 'Thunder Road' or maybe go swimming in Greasy Lake with crazy Janey and wild Billy.

But what do you do now??? Here we watch PBS kids until approx 8:15 then ship Jack off to bed. Then we channel surf for approx. 15mins, find a show at least one of us wants to watch and try not to dose off before 9;30 or we surf the net and then read a bit before calling it an evening! Oh my God we've turned into our PARENTS! No wait I think my parents might have more

Yawn, almost 7pm better go find a comfy place on the sofa and get ready for all the excitement of another Saturday night or maybe I'll call my parents and see what they are up to!



Jim said...

I saw a birthday card the other day...

On the outside, one teenager approached a group of his friends and said "It's the weekend, let's go on a road trip." His friends go "Cool!" "I'll pack lunch!" and "I'll get the car!"

Open the card up, an old man approaches a group of his elderly friends and says "It's the weekend, let's go on a road trip." His friends go "Do we have to?" "The forecast calls for rain!" and "I'm too tired."

So, it's not necessarily that the weekends have changed (well, not much); it's that we are OLD, Kelly. Now, excuse me, I must go rub Ben Gay on my shoulder.....

Unknown said...

Thanks for making me feel worse! I may turn to dust at any moment. I don't have one thing on my body that doesn't ache lately.

I'm thinking I need more than Ben Gay (remember when we though that Ben'Gay' was funny). I need a vacation in a warm place with spa treatment and people to pamper me to the point that someone just stands there and turns the page of the book I'm reading for me...wait...NO they read the book outloud!!!

Time for my mid-day nap.