Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Veteran's Day

Hey funny thing about Veteran's know the day that's set aside for us to remember what Veteran's have done for our country since waay back during the American Revolution. The day wasn't set up for the Macy's, Kohls, or Penny's special sale day! Buying shoes or bedding or fall sweaters at 50% off or at the SEASON'S LOWEST PRICE isn't exactly paying homage to what other people have done to make our country 'free'.

Ok I hate this 'so called' war to protect us from terrorism (or is it to try and get Iraqi oil reserves......I do get confused) but I don't hate the service men and women that are fighting it or anyone in the military no matter what they are doing or where they are doing it....being stationed at Ft. Bragg is tough enough! So if you see a person in uniform, or a veteran of any foreign war or someone who served during peace me a favor and say thanks. They risked there lives for me even if I don't believe in this war or many others (Vietnam comes to mind) but I will go out of my way to thank them for doing it.

Or you can go shopping if you'd like...just remember what the day is really suppose to be about ok?

Peace all!

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Jim said...

You are so right.

I have a cousin in Iraq (U.S. Army), and want her to come home safe. I don't like why she was sent there, or even who sent her (and countless others). But I support her 125%.