Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Case of The Hot Cheeseburger and The So-Called Garden Center

As most of you reading this probably already know, I'm not fond of living in this area because of the general apathy regarding everything from breathing to education. We lately even the apathy has become apathetic!

First off we have this 'so-called' garden center right in front of one of the elementary schools here in ER. This garden center (and I use the term loosely) looks like a breeding ground for vermin, rotting plants, and probably some sort of strange bacterial disease. It's in a residential neighborhood, a nice one at that! Well finally the city has taken notice of it. Why I'm not sure because it's been an eyesore since I moved here and from what I understand has been for at least 10yrs. The powers that be finally are scrambling to do something about it (they must be up for re-election soon as you'd think the city councilors from this ward, who drive by it daily would have noticed sooner...You'd Now of course this made the local news like it was a new story! The owner (which is to confusing to explain because he's not really the owner) is trying to sue the city for removing some of his 'flower' pots from the sidewalk area without his permission. No one has mentioned that the flowers were dead but that's not important. Now this is going through the court system which means it would be easier for me to grow a tree out of my head than to see this resolved anytime soon!

Now I bet your asking where the cheeseburger comes into this story! Watching the news the other evening, Chris in his infinite wisdom said...Hey look it's Cumbies in Eastside' and I said...NO that's the one on Webster St in Manchester (hoping that it really wasn't here). It seems that a person from Maine (those Maine people can really toss burgers) became angry at the clerk at Cumbies at around 2am because he wanted to PAY FOR HIS BURGER while it was nuking! I mean the nerve of the guy for wanting to PAY for his purchase without it getting 'scanned'. The clerk said NO you have to bring it here. The Maine guy was happy to oblige and brought the burger to him. Now I'm not sure but I think he also told him that he had to bring it to the other register. The Maine burger guy took the HOT burger and threw it at him, burning the area around his eye...Ouch! He then left the building and disappeared into Maine peeved and hungry! We all the news outlets picked up the story and now again I'm totally embarrassed to live here!

The guy with the burns is ok (he didn't even go for treatment so it obviously wasn't serious), the Maine burger tosser turned himself in (apparently he was slightly intoxicated and was and Cumbies is still selling burgers! The flower man is still selling dead stuff and life is good in East Rochester. My suggestions if you ever visit the area are as follows
1. Eat First
2. Buy your plants elsewhere
3. Don't get Maine Burger tossers upset
4. Don't stick your flower pot on the sidewalk for over 5yrs or the city will take it.
5. Go to Bouchers Store across from the chain store and buy pizza slices and cut flowers!

While your at Bouchers you probably better purchase beer cuz around here you'll need it just to follow what's going on!


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