Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The painful search for the perfect dog.

Well the search has started here for the perfect dog. So far it's been nothing but painful as we just can't seem to locate that perfect 'family' dog that doesn't require a mortage to pay for.

Now I know that you are all thinking....adopt a dog from a shelter you idiot!! Well that's what we are trying to and that is the problem!

The application process is similiar to trying to get security clearance at the Pentagon, actually it's probably easier to get security clearance! I now understand why people just buy pets at pet stores or from breeders!

Jack and I feel in love with Nuki, a really cute young mix of a bunch of things! She was sweet, quiet, and gentle but we've been getting the cold shoulder from the rescue shelter that was suppose to be looking out for her best interest! Apparently because I couldn't do 'cash and carry' that very moment they've decided that ignoring me will make me go away! They didn't give me the impression of wanting to 'screen' me but of wanting to just take my money. Unfortunately it means we just have to move on which is sad because now I am left wondering what happened to the poor thing!

Instead of having to fill out a detailed application and with references to adopt a pet maybe people should fill one out before they can have children - just a thought!

We are now awaiting the arrival of two cute pups from Puerto Rico that need homes and a dog from Virginia also in search of a home! At least the two organizations that have these dogs have answered inquiries! It's amazing that with all the animals in need right here in my backyard I could be adopting a pup from Puerto Rico! Go figure!

I must go watch Dora the Explorer to brush up on my Spanish! What if they don't understand English????


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Unknown said...

Update 2013. The pup came and well he's now 9 years old. He's the most neurotic PITA you'll ever meet but lucky for him he's darn cute.

And yup - he came from Puerto Rico. As did his eventual BFF (AKA - the demon dog).