Monday, January 31, 2005

Buster Baxter Secret Agent for a Gay Agenda!

Darn those television Rabbits! We all know that Bugs Bunny was a Communist Spy, The Lucky Charms Rabbit obviously is a drug abuser and now it's Buster Baxter trying to push our children to be homosexual!!!

If you believe that then you'll believe anything. It's a childrens show and well someone needs to get a grip. Buster Baxter, best friend of Arthur Aardvark, is traveling the country in his new show Postcards From Buster (a show that I really like) showing children all the DIFFERENT types of people who live in the United States. So far I've seen lots of places in this country stretching from the Pacific Northwest down to the Deep South and lots of places in between. The show is well made and very entertaining as well as educational. I've enjoyed watching Buster visit all different types of kids and their families. I don't see how our new Secretary of Education can make it into a sexual thing. If I were her I'd investigate Barney (talk about 'gay' and I don't mean homosexual..I think he's into inhaling stuff), Mr Rogers (love the guy but have you ever wondered why he talks sooo slow??), Tinky Winky (not a gay issue just a fashion nightmare with a RED purse and a purple body), Boobah's (I think I saw one of those once when I was under the influence of something I won't mention here......I'd check their eyes closely as they look a bit bloodshot), Dragon Tales (those kids are not being supervised very closely if they can 'fly to Dragon Land'). The world is going to hell, our kids can't read, and we're coming in second in a war with two players but the powers that be are worried about a kid in Vermont who has two mom??? Oh the HORROR!!

Wow look at all the bad people our children are subjected to on Public Broadcasting. Good thing I haven't sent in my yearly donation yet. Actually I think I will send it to WGBH for having the balls to actually NOT cave into political pressure to 'moralize our lives' and to not only run the program but make it available to those stations that dare run it.

FYI - I think that Yosemite Sam has a meth lab.

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