Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Lure of A Free Meal!

As seen in the Onion Paper..............

WEST WENDOVER, NV—Although he hates working at Arby's "more than anything," prep cook Taylor Ochtrup, 17, told reporters Monday that he would quit if it weren't for the $6 meal allowance that he earns for every shift of four hours or more. "The hours suck, I always work weekends, and the manager is a dick, but hey, free Super Roast Beef," Ochtrup said. "And, if I work until closing, I get to take home any extra Curly Fries." Although he has no health insurance, Ochtrup said his kitchen drawers are "chock-full of Horsey Sauce."

Well good for him. That Horsey Sauce will go far towards his future since there won't be any Social Security left !! I suggest working until close so he can hoard the curly fries for retirement!

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