Friday, March 11, 2005

Bruce Springsteen Summer

Hey all you faithful readers of my blog (or should I say hello Jim and I just thought I'd forewarn you that I could get very behind on this blog during the upcoming Springsteen!

OMG another BROOOCE Summer! Will anyone be able to stand me after another year of penny pinching to be able to make as many shows as humanly possible?? Will anyone ever speak to me again after I compare Bruce to every other living musician?

I'm going to try to beat my personal best record of 3 times in one year (gee was it 3 or 4)! I am going for 5 folks!! that's correct FIVE times in 2005 I want to see Bruce. Don't care where it is. Don't care if I have to sit soo far away from the stage that he looks like an ant. Don't care if I have to get a job selling popcorn at the venue....I just got to be there!!

So come on Philly, NYC, Boston, Montreal, Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Manchester............don't let me down!!!

Have to run I'm in training now...........kazoo training.....cuz I just know he's gonna call me again to ask me to tour with him......sigh.


(anyone for Bruce trivia?)

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Unknown said...

For the record in 2005 I only managed 3 shows, Albany, Montreal, and Boston....but hey 3 is better than 0!

2013 goal is 3 shows - it would be great if one of the shows could be in Spain, Mexico, or Canada but I'll settle for 3 local show too!