Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Do we REALLY need Wal-Mart?

Folks.....Do we Really need Walmart?

Think about if for just a few minutes. What has Walmart done for you or your community? Is your life better because they have falling prices?? Will anything at Walmart become FREE if the prices keep falling? Will they someday pay YOU to shop there?? Is your state of mind or state of grace or state of the state better because you bought the jumbo size pink party napkins? Is your dog happier because you bought the big cheap bag of broken dog bones??

If you really think about it Walmart is pretty much the 'new' American way. BIGGER, CHEAPER, DUMBER!!!!!!!!! I am sorry to all of you that are already smart and getting smarter but Walmart does something simple that farmers have done for centuries......they herd you in and herd you back out fat, happy and satisfied after grazing at the feed bucket. In Walmart's case it's electronics, hardware or toys, take your pick! Moo!

We like everything BIG BIG BIGGER in America. Which explains my expanding girth. We like CHEAP no change that to WE LOVE CHEAP! A $5.00 toaster! YES!! I'll take two!! I don't need two but for five bucks each I WANT two! Shit I admit I've bought things from Walmart but in general I just don't find any reason to go there except for the fact that I have almost no choice left on the matter! Pretty soon I will go to Walmart, have my ass scanned and then a conveyor belt will deposit me in the appropriate departments. I will not have think. The 'store' will automatically steer me to White T-Shirts, polka dot bra's and granny underwear (NEVER!). It will have me drink Sam's Choice Apple Juice, though I don't like apple juice. I will only listen to music that pass their test of what's moral. I will have my eyes checked, my hair done, and my tires rotated all at the same time! Whoopie!

My point here is remember when we had choices. When Walmart was a choice? K-Mart? Sears? Your neighborhood hardware store and market? Remember neighborhoods and downtowns? I'm not really knocking Walmart though I really don't like lots of things about them I'm knocking the fact that we've let our America slip away and frankly folks I want it back!

So while you come up with an answer I'll be sitting here eating my moon pie reading the latest copy of the National Enquirer. All available right near the checkout at the Walmart!


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Maria said...

YOU GO GIRL!I hear you with the whole WALMART CRAP.

Seems like everytime I go in there the employees seem to be missing teeth - is that part of the requirements to work there? Not to mention that they are all double my weight (they just carry around a whole other person). Anyway, NOT as bad as the 7-11 in the US that sell this thing called the BIG GULP...what is that anyway? If 1 human being drinks that they will explode or is it just an american thing cause we silly Canadians don't have that.