Saturday, March 26, 2005

Let Her Die in Peace

I am failing to understand how any good is coming from this media circus surrounding the Schiavo case. I understand the fact that her parents wish that things were different and their daughter wasn't in a vegatative state (where she's been for 15 yrs) but thinking that the state courts, governor, supreme court, congress, and the president are going to help that fact change is pie in the sky thinking!

Plain and simple their daughter, sister, friend, wife is not coming back. You can agree or disagree but I for one don't wish to be kept alive for all this time with no hope of being 'me'. I can handle not walking or even talking but not thinking??? Where is the dignity in that?

Do I think her husband has financial motives behind wanting her feeding tube removed?? No, not really as I don't see what he has to gain. Her parents could just as easily sell their story to the media so I think either or stand to possibly gain financially with their story. I think any normal person would after all this time want to move on with their lives. I don't feel that it makes him love her any less than he did 15 yrs ago. Her parents constant fight in front of the media is doing more harm than good. To even suggest this is like the fight of Roe v. Wade is just grandstanding and in very poor taste. To suggest that this country is becoming Hitler's Germany is just grasping at straws in an attempt to inflame passions among the divided.

Maybe we should all take a step back and think about what we'd want if this were one of us. It's time for us to make arrangements now so that we're not paraded in front of the media if something like this should happen our our lives. I for one would want to kill the person who kept me alive all this time when the medical community pretty much agrees (except for the ones trying to make a buck off this story) that she stop exisiting as Terry Schiavo years ago. Yes we make great strides in medicine every year but 15 years like this suggests that she's not coming back.

I hope that Terry rests in Peace. She deserves that after being humiliated on the world stage. No one should have to go through this in a civilized world. Her parents, as hard as it is, should let her go.


Maria said...

Know what Lones dear I have to agree with you on this. Did they have to let this poor woman suffer for sooooo long?

We have ways of euthanizing animals yet humans we starve to death. Am I missing something here?

Unknown said...

What your missing is the American Gov't attempt to control all aspects of our lives and deaths. I think these decisions are best left to those involved and not the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branch of Gov't. Unfortunately in this case the two sides were never going to agree not even if Terry had made her wishes know.

One can only hope that the Gov't knows enough to back out of our personal lives in the future.