Sunday, May 29, 2005


Those of you who pay a bit of attention are aware that my families livelihood is linked to the US Gov't. God knows I don't make a dime working for a non-profit! So thanks to good ole' Uncle Sam most of my families income is obtained by my husband working at a naval shipyard.

Then along came BRAC. Short for Base Realignment and Closure. Sounds ominous doesn't it? Well this time for us and most of the remaining bases in New England it is!

Now maybe you say to yourself 'hey the gov't wastes so much taxpayer money that here's a way to save some'. Good argument as I think the gov't wastes so much money that they should be put out of business BUT when it comes to BRAC this time saving money isn't the issue.

Are we not at war in Iraq?? Have we not been convinced by the color-coded charts that we shouldn't leave the house as terrorists are everywhere? Does it make sense that over 300 military installations from recruitment offices all the way down to medical centers be closed or 'realigned' (fancy word for messed with)?? If we are at war and in so much danger as the federal gov't would lead us to believe does it make sense to close Army Bases and Naval Shipyards?? Nope it doesn't and that's my point!

PNSY has consistently been the shipyard that repairs and overhaul subs that saves the gov't money ~ boat loads of money. They are always under budget and under time in getting boats back in the water to protect OUR nation. They have set the standard for how to do the job and do it right. Who trains the other yards gov't or private? PNSY that's who! Does this make sense to any sane person to close the best. One week before making the closure list PNSY was awarded a contract that had just a few weeks earlier awarded to a private contractor and the Navy changed it's mind ~ why? Because PNSY can do it better, faster, and for less money! Just ONE day after receiving the Meritious Unit commendation from the Navy PNSY was listed on the closure list! Do you think this make sense?

The gov't continues to spend money they don't have in a country that doesn't pose a danger to us nor wants our help. To save money they want to close military installations. PNSY is the OLDEST Naval Shipyard in the country. Does are safety NOT matter to Washington? Does the gov't think that privatizing our military is going to save money?

Help Wanted : Person(s) who would like to fight for our freedoms, apply within White House, Washington DC
Help Wanted: Nuclear Submarine Tech. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, apply within General Dynamics.

So BRAC actually stands for Bush Really Acts Clueless

Great to know that it's not political George.....You just need the money so you can continue to be the 'War Prez'dint"



Maria said...

YOU GO GIRL...SO WHERE DO WE APPLY AGAIN? Do they accept Canadian citizens?

Unknown said...

Just look for the 'glow' in the sky. That would be where the Nuclear Techs they hired would be located!