Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In Front of the Sofa

I seem to have ventured out from behind the sofa a month ago and I just realized that I did! Go ahead call me slow...................feel better?!

I decided that I couldn't keep hiding forever so when a job literally fell into my lap I decided that being nicely paid to leave the plush comforts behind the sofa (the dust bunnies miss me terribly) seemed the right thing to do.

I take it back about the literally falling part. The only thing that falls in your lap behind the sofa is dog hair and crumbs. Let's just say I was in the right place at the right time and I now get to spread my humor and joy to the masses on a regular basis.

I do have to say the being 'in charge' though thrilling does have it's moments of sheer terror. Oh not for me but for those who dare to work for me! I wasn't aware that I was such a 'people' person!

So do yourself a favor and do a favor for you community. Visit your local live theater. You'll make yourself feel good and you'll help your community support the arts. And you may very well help me to continue to receive a paycheck. After all isn't that what really counts?


1 comment:

Maria said...

Way to go girl...congrats on the new job. Maybe your dust bunnies and mine can get together for tea and biscuits some day?!?

Hope everything is good for you and I do enjoy reading your blog (actually makes me laugh) even though I have neglected mine for several months! I will get back to it in the winter time.

Enjoy your summer and save your pennies Bruce should be in your neck of the woods soon!