Tuesday, August 16, 2005


No I'm not going to rob a bank or marry a very old man with tons of money stuffed into his mattress! I have an audition for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" in September!

I know you're thinking 'oh lord she's such a brainiac she's bound to mess up' but as I see it I can't win if I don't try! No guarantees that I will actually make the show as you have to pass a written test then off for an interview and then if you impress the judges (I can see me juggling oranges while singing Born to Run in Italian) your name goes into a pool of contestants for the 05/06 run of shows.

So start spreading the news....I'm leaving today.....I'm gonna be a part of it in Ole New York.

Well actually don't spread the news until September 11th. That's when I arrive in NYC. As you all can pretty much imagine that sets off all kinds of emotions in me. Hopefully I will not be frazzled on the 12th when the audition begins.

Wish me luck! I wonder if Bruce would play in my backyard for one million dollars????


I'm going to the city that never sleeps so why are hotel rooms sooo expensive?? Explain that one!


Gimpy said...

Wow, that's sooooo exciting!! I wish you much luck! Have fun in NYC!


Maria said...

I knew if anyone could be on that show it SHOULD be YOU! I haven't checked your site in several weeks and today I check and YIIIPPPEEEEE you got this posting!?!

Plus, if you make it on the show I get to finally see that MUG you have been trying so hard to hide from the rest of us! Good Luck Girl and if you make it on the big screen with my good bud Regis...try not to drive the guy completely insane with your smart ass ways...I have faith in you.

As for Bruce and your 1 million dollar bribe ... don't count on it!

GOOD LUCK GIRL and I am sending ONLY GOOD CANADIAN VIBES TO YOU, and don't worry about the September 11 date. I flew on the 11th 2 years in a row after the NYC incident! You will be FINE FINE FINE!

Jim said...

Good luck, Kazoooo. Did you tell me? Nooooooo. Glad I read the post, 'cause I have a question: How DO you sing "Born to Run" in Italian?


Unknown said...

Opps Giacomo!

In my defense I forgot to tell lots of people as I've been working non-stop. I get to visit the Big Apple two weeks in a row...yippee? Once on a bit of a vacation and once for Millionaire IF I can afford the gas to get to the train station.

My luck I actually win a million dollars and that's what it cost to fill up my car's gas tank!

I've decided to rough it and stay with my husband in CT. He's there working to protect our world from the big bad monsters that live under the sea. Seriously he's there fixing some doohicky on a submarine. No wait it's the watchamacallit..........

Maria said...

Hey think you can post a little more often and let us know how your doing!

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