Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the What?

It's not Christmas this year as 'Christmas' is politically incorrect. Well excuse me! Did I receive a gift for Ramadan??? NOOO! Did you receive a gift for Ramadan??? No you say?! Then Holy Mother can I just celebrate Christmas and you celebrate Hanukkah and my neighbors can celebrate Kwanza and the pagans can celebrate the winter solstice???

I think that whatever you want to celebrate is cool but you crazy non- tolerant people please don't make me feel uncomfortable because I am Catholic and celebrate Christmas. I think everyone is entitled to celebrate their own religious holidays or lack of religion whichever side you spin on. So let's stop saying Happy Holidays to each other and say what we really mean! I would not be insulted if someone wished me a Blessed Hanukkah. I would be very honored if someone included me in their celebration!

Is it ok to say Happy New Year??? I don't want to offend the Chinese as they have their own new year though I want to point out at First Night Boston they always have the Chinese Dragon weaving through the crowd during the Grand Parade! I find it cool and non-offensive!

Someday my birthday maybe outlawed! Well that might be

Cheers and Merry F$#%ing Christmas to All!


somewhere in Ohio said...

Thank you! Someone finally said it! Someone actually complained at a restaurant I was dining in that the music was offensive because not everyone believes in Christmas. It's getting out of hand. It's not offensive for me to hear Dradel, Dradel, Dradel! I respect that everyone has their own beliefs..we shouldn't be offended by them! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!

Unknown said...

LOL and I always kind of liked the Dradel song I just found it offensive because it doesn't say much of anything and it became boring after a bit.

If you watched King of Queens on Monday evening you'd have seen Arthur try to write a 'new' holiday song so he could be rich and famous like Irving Poor Spense was convinced it was a good idea. The Christmas song, Kwanza song, and Hanuakah song were very very bad but funny and offended everyone. O'Vay!

Maria said...

Hello there Kelly darling long time no speak... whats shaking chicka? Did you get on "Millionaire" yet? I have actually tried looking for you in the contestant pool the days I did watch... give us the scoop already...

Besides that how is everything going?