Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wow It's Spring & How Did I Miss It?

Well folks it's been awhile and I know you must all miss me. My fan base is so big that I can't believe my mailbox hasn't been flooded with 'why aren't you writing?' emails.

When you leave the back of the sofa time flies. Especially when your part-time job really is full time without the benefits. It should actually be called the 24/7 part time, full time, brain sucking job. But that's a bit long winded.

So it's spring...Yippee! Time to get out the Zyrtec so I can breathe again and go outside and smell the new green/brown grass. I would except of course some idiot put a house up in what was my backyard. You know the yard with the woods behind it where I used to take my daughter to go find pretty fall leaves and new spring ferns and the polliwog in the pond. Well folks it's not there anymore. Due to the wisdom of the town I live then they sold a piece of swamp property and let someone stick a house on it thus flooding my yard which I suppose is good for the little polliwogs but not me.

So think of me spending my summer months on my inflatable raft in the back of my yard staring at the beautiful view of the new house and it's driveway. I have it good, the neighbors across the way (on the other side of the departed trees) have two choices; sit in their in-ground pool and look at someone's driveway and me sitting on my raft or coming out their back door and running smack into the new house built right on their property line!

Don't you just love progress! Oh by the way I can sit on my front patio and watch them dig up my street thus giving me two forms of entertainment this summer. Oh what will I do with all my time?!


check out this funny website you'll get a kick out of it I promise

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Maria said...

Love your posts always Kelly! Come on girl type something and make me laugh! lol

Have a great day.