Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Holy Terror

Hello again!  Today was the day of the HOLY TERROR!  Yes, today, actually it was only about an hours worth of time but it felt like the whole day.

Today was the day to take our beloved Lola for her rabies shot at the pet store.  I know you're saying "how cheap are you anyway" but it is much less expensive to take the dogs, or dog in this case, to the pet store for their annual shots so I don't have to pay the office visit fee.  That's the visit the vet confirms your dog is an idiot, you as an owner are pretty much moron's and yup the dog has ears.  Then they charge you $150.00 for the whole five minutes of time you actually see the vet.

So anyway back to the HOLY TERROR!  I drove her down to the pet store in Wells, along with my lovely daughter,slash, dog handler.  The ride down wasn't bad.  Lola huffed and puffed until she made her way into the front seat where she was happy to look out the window.

The was the end of the happiness.  All 17 pounds of her went nuts once we were inside the store.  First it was the happy face look of "I can smell other DOGS" and the excited look she gets.  Then she found the other dogs and proceeded to bark, growl, hiss, and jump up and down for a solid hour.  We stood in line trying to smile for a SOLID HOUR with the HOLY TERROR.  Big dogs were afraid of her and little dogs wimpered.  She became some sort of possessed pooch.  At one point I thought "what's next, will she start spinning her head around?"  It was horrible.  No matter what we did, from walking her around the store to picking her up to covering her face with my hand.........nothing was going to stop her from reining terror over all the other poor dogs at the rabies clinic.

I will probably never show my face there again.  Especially after the vet said "oh joy, it's the barker" when it was our turn. 

She had no issues with the actual shot.  She wagged her tail all excited with that stupid silly bug-eyed dog grin she gets.

The humiliation.

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Unknown said...

That's my girl! Taught her everything she knows.