Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a Quick Hello

Busy day today. Friday's are like that.  My daughter has PE in the morning on Friday's with the lovely Coach Paul.  Today they played 3 innings of kickball followed by Dodge Ball in the wrestling room - got to love rubber walls!  Of course they wanted to play against the parents!  It was a blast and we of course nailed them.  Ok we nailed them and I think they nailed us twice but it was all in good fun and nice to see my child smile more and more every day now that we're off the crazy roller coaster of public school.

Then I had a bunch of appointments and some shopping to do.  This allowed my lovely daughter to speak to me for over an hour about how we should have treadmills or conveyor belts for roads.  She then found problems with that - specifically how do you get off when you need to make a turn or stop?  You guessed it, she spoke for another hour on the how that could be fixed!

I'm pretty sure the baby food she ate, even if it was 'ALL NATURAL' and 'ORGANIC' did something to her brain.

Tak soon - Peace to everyone.

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