Monday, February 14, 2011

LOL Lip Butter

As a home school product, Jacklyn and I decided to start our own small business.  We've named it LOL Lip Butter and we're making all natural lip butter.  Why buy the stuff in the store that's all chemicals?  Or pay a high price to the big companies.  We will be using all natural beeswax as well as shea butter along with all natural flavoring oils.

At the moment we're sticking to probably two flavors and a non-flavored version.  We're hoping to learn about marketing, math, science, and social awareness as we plan on paying it forward.  We want to use at least 20% if not more of our proceeds to donate to other people starting up businesses on IndieGoGo and to help teachers with funding projects on DonorChoose.  We currently donate a few dollars a week to a project we're interested in on DonorChoose and have found a few dollars goes a long way when others donate too!

You can see our request for donations and other details on IndieGoGo.  You can donate as little as $1.00!  Every penny counts.

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