Monday, March 28, 2011

Butterfly Place

We went on a great field trip last week - to the Butterfly Place in Westford MA.  It was our first real field trip of the year since the snow and cold pretty much kept us inside with the exception of the Portland Museum of Art which my dear daughter really could have cared less about.  I also do count going to Trader Joe's as a field trip to but now I'm off my original topic!

Butterfly Place was AWESOME!  It was even better that we purchased our admission through a daily deal on Eversave.  Essentially it was a field trip that cost us $20.00 which is pretty darn good.  I found the place more beautiful than the MoS butterfly garden (it's actually more of a room) and much larger and less expensive.  Great educational exhibits as well as the butterflies.  With our Eversave money ($40 worth of admissions/gift shop for $20) we were able to purchase our butterfly house as well as our butterflies for spring hatching.

Here is a  slide show of our photo's. 

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