Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Got the Dumb

This week I've seemed to catch "the dumb" as we call it around here.  It also didn't help when temps hit 70 yesterday.  The piper calls very loud on those days to join him on the beach.  I am a sinful woman.

So I decided to do a top ten list of things I believe to be true........

1. Tanning beds look like those hotdog cookers you find in gas stations on the turnpike.

2. You only need to comb your hair and put on makeup when you're going to a place no one else you know could possibly be.  That's where they hang out - it's a secret club.

3. Bendy straws are the devils conduit.

4. Bruce Springsteen has written some pretty amazing songs but most people hate him.  If this is truly so then how come it's so hard to get tickets to his concerts?

5. In general the human race isn't very nice.

6. Platform shoes are only for those who don't know better.

7. Prom gowns should NOT show your belly button

8. When you think there is a deer in the headlights there usually is.

9. You never need your cell phone to make a call unless you don't have it.

10. Clowns really do live under your bed and in the sewers. 

See you further on up the road (yeah yeah it's from a Bruce song...geesh).

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