Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Blue Day

Today is kind of a blue day.  Not a blue sky sunny day but a blah cloudy, rainy, chilly day.  It doesn't really help the mood much!

Of course my mood would be lightened if my dear daughter would take homeschooling more seriously and stop just doing enough to squeak through.  She'll tell you that she's studied her math, her spelling, entered the daily current events into her school notebook.  Unfortunately she doesn't tell you that she only opened the book and looked at math, looked at spelling and she only cut and pasted headlines from the internet (with no actual information about said current event).

I've tried everything.  She doesn't want to push herself.  I believe she really thinks we won't send her back into public school where she cried every day.  On that point she's very very wrong.  I will send her back to the wolves and at this point she'll be a grade behind (ok she won't - no child is left behind - pass them on to the next grade is the motto).

She's now moaning and groaning over having to go back through at least a months worth of current events to actually tell me about the subjects she picked.  I know I was clear on the directions.  Telling me that a local school has students painting a mural in no way tells me who, what, or why!

I think it's time for lunch!

The sun will come out tomorrow - seriously I checked the forecast!!

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