Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Monday

1. Really High heels look silly on short people. If the heel is longer than your legs please rethink!
2. A day without sunshine is technically night.
3. People are only as dumb as they appear.
4. If something smells funny toss it out.
5. Moving furniture is almost never worth it - you'll soon go back to the way it was.
6. Complaining about your job is irritating to those of us who are under or unemployed.
7. It would take six months for Congress to change a light bulb which is why the maintenance people do it.
8. Chocolate is a food group.
9. You'd think if you had a hook for a hand you'd remember and not scratch your eye - pirates - ARGGH!
10. What you really want for lunch is something there is no chance in the world you're going to find in your fridge.

Having a very dull homeschooling day.  It rained like heck for about thirty minutes with thunder and lightening.  It was as black as night (see above - a day without sunshine).  Though now peaking outside the sky has brightened and I do see some green grass on the front lawn.  My eyes and throat have been itching for the past week so spring is definitely here!

Jack doesn't really seem into completing school work or actually making an effort in any way.  Not sure why she doesn't understand if she is unable to make any progress then she is going back to public school regardless if I have to tie her up to do so.  The end of May / beginning of June is CAT time.  If she can't show some willingness to do more work and do it well (makes me wonder why she was an A student in PS but can't even write a complete sentence at home) then I'm not going to give homeschooling hundreds of hours of work for her benefit.  I can go out and get back to work and make money putting in hundreds of hours of effort and probably get a thank you once in awhile!

On a positive note I'm passing 6th grade with flying colors!  I think I'm even student of the week!!


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