Friday, April 08, 2011

What Does the Government Furlough Mean To You?

The impending government furlough, technically not a shut down - a shut down would mean we'd need to wear helmets should airlines keep flying and air traffic controllers are not working - may or may not affect you.

Do you want your tax refund and haven't received it yet?  Then it could be a PITA to you if you need the money.  You might get it, you might not.  Haven't filed your taxes?  If you file electronically computers can still work - people can not.  If you mail it you still only have until April 18th to file.

If you work for the government and are deemed an non-essential employee then buck up and live off your savings account.  Ours should last a week.  Can't use annual leave, sick time, heck no.  If you're essential it's even worse - all work - no pay!

Don't dare take another job!  Unless it's under the table chances are it's against your government contract!

Want to visit a National Park - sorry - closed as much as they can close nature off if you're thinking of visiting Yellowstone don't except a warm welcome or park ranger assistance.  Air and Space Museum - sorry - closed.  Tour the Statute of Liberty - nope.

And remember - while the blow hards in DC point fingers, tattle on each other and steal staffers old lunches from the fridge you, the American people are going to have to find a way to pay overtime to reverse all this 'shutting down' when the government reopens again.

All Tea Partier's should just send assistance checks to my home address.  You're truly the ones responsible for this mess.  Those poor GOP'ers you helped elect are now afraid to do the right thing because they're scared you'll come after them.  Job well done!  In the long run you'll cost the country more money than necessary and while doing so you'll help spread the ideology you so much despise.

If the 'shutdown' does happen here's a good list with links on which departments/branches of government are affected.   Shutdown

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