Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of our First Home School Year

This month marks the end of our first home school year. Actually first home school half year but really who needs to keep track of those types of details? Yeah, I know, me!!

The year has been good, bad, and ugly - if you listen carefully you can hear spaghetti western music in the background on most days. I've learned I'm a curriculum junkie and my daughter is not. I've learned that math will make everyone cry but language arts only makes one of us cry. I've learned to be a bit more flexible with my time. My daughter has learned that I'll consider playing tennis in Wii physical education when it's too cold to go outside.

We've both learned to communicate better, not just louder. I've figured out more what she's interested in learning. And we've both figured out five days a week is to much. We both prefer four days with a either a break mid-week or a long weekend. It fits our lifestyle and energy level much better.

We read much more than before, which is hard to believe as all of us in our home are avid readers (my parents once told me if I read one more word from the box of Cheerios out-loud at breakfast they were going to blindfold me). We can find a book about any subject we're studying and use it to have more in-depth knowledge. We've read so many books I can't even remember some of the titles. We lost track about a month or so ago!

While we'll continue to do some schooling this summer, probably two mornings a week for an hour or so, we're essentially finished until mid-September. We're going to try to pack a lot of field trips into the fall before we're forced inside for the winter. We have our reading list all ready for the summer - Poe, Sacher, Shakespeare, and Grahame along with some fun reading on our own. I'm diving into an Amelia Earhart Bio as we speak, kid is into the Hunger Games series plus a couple of books recommended by a friend, and dad is reading whatever I find for him at the library.

So while it has, at times, been a struggle it has also greatly enriched our lives - even while it drains our wallet.

Some things are just more important than money.

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