Monday, May 16, 2011

Time Certainly Does Fly

Time certainly does fly around here. It seems like just yesterday when I lost my mind (that's what some people have said) and pulled my daughter out of PS to HS her.

It hasn't been an easy road - emotionally or financially - but the longer we do it the more I feel we've done the right thing. We still have tears over what I consider mundane things but in general my family is calmer, my DD hasn't developed the "dumb" as we call it here. We're all learning a great deal and we're much less stressed out.

Financially it's been tough. Losing my steady income has been a real dent in the wallet but we'll find a way to survive, we always do. We also look at food and fuel prices and realize regardless if I was still employed we'd be pinching pennies. There was no way we were going to be able to foresee such a dramatic rise in prices. We have found ways to cut back and I'll admit sometimes I hate not being able to eat out on Friday night or not being able to go to a movie when I want to but really it's not all bad. It's really opened my eyes to how much things cost that we don't need. I get great joy when we eliminate something that doesn't give us the best value. We had gone back to cable from satellite and watched as our bill seemed to creep up monthly. We switched back to satellite (Dish this time instead of Directv) and watched our bill drop in half with the same channel line up but with the inclusion of a DVR which we could never have afforded before. The price is good for two years and at the end we'll cut the cord completely and just stream in from our computer.

Emotionally it's much nicer to go with the flow and work at our pace. No more tears before school, during school, or after school. Yes we still have arguments about responsibility and completing work without me spoon feeding her all of the information - after all I've already passed the 6th grade so some things I don't care to do again. If she needs help she knows she can ask and I'm happy to give it to her but being responsible for your own work and your own time is part of growing up. My daughter mostly rises to the occasion and has come up with some great stuff on her own. Last week she said she felt she learned more at home because she didn't waste time being herded here and there all day but was able to work on one subject until she completed the days assignment and then move onto something else without having to wait in line and waste time waiting for others to settle down or to catch up. She enjoys being able to learn more about subjects that interest her and trying out new things without pressure to be like everyone else.

I know we're doing the right thing and I hope my daughter looks back on this and finds it was a positive step in her educational and emotional well-being.

As long as no one catches the "dumb" we should be fine.

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