Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to Allergy Wars - Please Grab A Tissue on the Way In

We all whine and complain about the cold and snow of winter and how we so much want spring to come. Well I can tell you spring has come to Maine.

How do I know this bit of information? Sales of decongestant, antihistamines, eye drops, and tissues have skyrocketed. I dare you to walk into a store and find a single bottle of Zyrtec or a box of Claritin on the shelves. If you want to tissues you're going to have to use the ones like sandpaper because I'm afraid the nice soft ones are sold out.

Allergy sufferers are easy to pick out in a crowd. We're either the people stumbling along in a daze, wheezing, with red eyes and a crumbled up tissue in our hand mumbling about how great spring is. Or we're the ones sitting in the park in a heavily medicated, smiling, while the pollen sticks to us like lint from the dryer.

If you see me that way just nudge me along towards home.

Up next is the dreaded black fly season. How exciting is that!

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