Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15th - You're Kidding Me!

I'm not sure but I think someone changed the order of the months because it doesn't seem possible we're already in the middle of June.

While the temps don't feel very June like - well today is bright and sunny and does feel like June, we've been near 100 then back down to 50.  It's been quite a weather roller coaster with tornado warnings and frost warning all in the same 24 hour period.  I should give a shout out to the black flies, you little blood suckers.  I'm pretty sure you out number us a million to one!

I look outside and see my Iris's are in full bloom and all this recent rain has really made my front garden take off.  I see the newly planted Black-Eyed Susan has taken root and looking healthy and right next to it the Peony is getting close to bloom time.  The sound of screaming whiny children is everywhere.  Oh lucky us, summer when the juvies and the toddlers come home to roost.  This neighborhood needs a mute button.

Our very prolific pear tree is covered in little pears - you can almost hear us grown on this one.  We're not really big pear eaters and we'll have bushel after bushel of pears from this one tree. Maybe I will try my hand at pear wine this year - do they make a pear beer?

My birthday has come and gone.  Next year is going to be a downer - the Big 5-0.  If I don't wake up next to a grinning Bruce Springsteen on June 5th, 2012 everyone better run and hide because I'm going to be very upset!  I also want an adult bouncy house with EMT's standing by.  I've told my family to start working on this now and not June 1st of next year.

This year for my birthday we took our first short vacation of the summer. With money tight we can't afford anything so we decided to split things into smaller get-away's.  First up - a cottage rental at Sky Valley in Bartlett NH. If you haven't stayed here you really do need to check it out.  It's very family friendly and you really don't have to go off and find fun unless you want to.  If you have smaller kids it's very close to Storyland in Glen.   We stayed four night and really enjoyed ourselves.  Nice weather, great swimming - just plain relaxing. Next up will probably be an overnight somewhere at the end of July.  Perhaps Salem MA.  We also plan on camping once or twice starting in our backyard and then maybe over to either Bear Brook which is always a lot of fun and family friendly or someplace more local to us.  I'm not sure we're exactly "camping" people.  Especially with the four night lights my dear daughter needs in her room.

Oh by the way - I'm still waiting for my birthday cake people!  And one final thing; Let's go BRUINS!

I expect a Stanley Cup party in Boston.  I want a mini Stanley cup for my office!

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