Monday, June 27, 2011

Peek on the Other Side - Peak's Island Adventure II

So we’ve taken a hike around part of Peak’s Island and now you’re faced with another perfect weather day with nothing to do. So let’s pack a lunch and hop aboard the Casco Bay Ferry back to Peak’s and explore the other half of the island.
Once you’ve arrived on the island - be sure on the trip over you take time to check out Fort Gorges, the beautiful sailboats and the often present kites from nearby parks- take a quick jaunt up the hill and over to Brad’s Bike Shop at 115 Island Ave. If you have a bike and want to bring it along the ferry charges $6.50 on top of your regular ferry ticket.  You can’t miss the line of bikes parked outside.  Rentals are available by the hour, half day and full day.  Grab a bike helmet and steer your bike the rest of the way down Island Avenue – it will continue past City Point Road and reconnect again.

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