Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Summer Summer - It's Like a Merry-go-round....

Quick, can you name the song that has the above title in the lyrics?

If you can you're getting old!  If you had to Google it - shame on you

We've been here there and just about everywhere it seems this summer but we also seem to have stuck fairly close to home which is a little like an oxymoron.

We've been to the beach too many times to count - and at least one of us is a nice shade of brown which I know is unhealthy so save the sermon.  I don't go out and tan for fun I simply tan because I like being outside and I do slather myself with lots of sunscreen (SPF 30 if you must know). My poor daughter is still pretty pale - she spends so much time catching a wave the only thing that seems to tan on her is her nose and shoulders! We've been to the mountains twice, once for a nice break from reality and once for a few days with my lovely Aunt Ruth and Uncle Ray.  Uncle Ray is too much like my dad so "lovely" isn't the word that comes to mind.  More like PITA but I love him just the same.

We've been to the local swimming hole, the fireworks and played countless rounds of mini-golf and "real" golf too.  We've sat by a backyard campfire, watched the stars and slept late.  I've even found time to plan this coming school years work and a few field trips for the fall.

We still need to go to the drive in, go on a whale watch and go back to Peak's Island and maybe a few days on the Cape once the visitors (tourist, road blockers, hopelessly lost humans) go home.

Can summer legally last until November or is it like wearing white shoes and must end on Labor Day?

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