Saturday, September 03, 2011

August - Please don't leave us!

I suppose it's too late to say the above phrase "August please don't leave us" since it's already September.  August is one of those months that just gets away from you.  It seems like August is the shortest month of the year and February is the longest.  August is fleeting, here one minute, gone the next.  February is more like slow drip that never quite fills the bucket and the little drip, drip, drip sound goes on an on like an endlessly ticking clock.

I seem to remember the 4th of July but August was so fast that I feel like I missed it.  Of course it seemed like we were very busy.  With what I don't really remember.  We spent endless preparation time for Hurricane Irene so that took up most of a week.  Then the clean up took a few days - nothing horribly bad happened to us, just lots of leaves to pick up and small branches to move plus we had to put back all the outdoor furniture we took in.

We spent countless days at the beach and countless evenings too.  We found we love Drake's Island late in the afternoon, after the crowds are gone and watching the sunset with it's glow over the harbor is spectacular. We hung out for the day at Short Sands with the PA Mafia which is always quite fun and absolutely never dull!  We've found a new secret spot that I'm not going to let you in on - it's so cool and away from the crowds (best off is it's free) where you can watch crabs and birds and find some really neat stuff like an intact fish spine we're going to check out once I'm sure the fish smell is gone.

The river proved a nice change this week with most kids gone back to the rules and regulations of public school we had the local rec center/town swimming spot to ourselves this week.  It's always a nice spot but so much better when it's quiet and you can hear yourself think.

Normally though August would be a much harder month but this year we're able to stretch the summer fun right up until the first day of fall.  Homeschooling has it's advantages!  Not that learning ends for the summer but this time of the year I really do appreciate the fact we're not up to our eyeballs in forms to fill out and trying to find the things required for this class or another.  Instead we're able to kick back for a little bit longer and hold onto summer.  We still have a whale watch to go to, a potluck for a new homeschool co-op to attend, Plimoth Plantation & the Mayflower II to look forward to as well as soccer, golf, and horseback riding.  I even have four weeks of lesson plans already completed and our school year blog all ready to go (we'll post the address here as soon as our school days officially start).

So even though August left us when we weren't looking - September doesn't seem so bad at the moment.  Tomorrow night we might even hit the drive-in for a double-feature!


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