Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Slow Blogging

I'm sorry for the very limited blogging I've done over the last few months.  Things have been hectic and when they are not I find myself just sitting on the sofa vegging out thinking about all the things I could be working on!

Right now I'm in the final week of a great run of the Odd Couple - Female Version - By Neil Simon.  It's been a blast even if we've had two cast members leave, one in the middle of rehearsals and one DURING the first week of our run (very unprofessional but then again it's community theater).  The two replacements have been fantastic but for us old folks it's still pretty stressful and feels like flying by the seat of the pants!

If you've never had a chance to see the show, either the male version or the female version and you get a chance whether it's community theater or on Broadway do yourself a favor and see it.  Neil Simon is a genius writer and knows how to get a laugh but still create an amazingly in-depth and poignant story.  I guess that's why he's Neil Simon!

On the homeschooling front we've started off rocky with my rehearsal schedule not helping matters.  My lovely child is finding it hard to buckle down but hopefully she understands the consequences are going back to public school which she definitely doesn't not want.  She just needs to start applying herself before it's too late and she doesn't make progress this year.  We have found an amazing home school co-op in Bath - Midcoast Maine Homeschool Co-op where she is taking a math class, essay writing class, art history class, and working on a National History Day project (slacking off on said project).

If you get a chance check out what's available at my t-shirt (and more) store - .  If you have design ideas please let me know - especially homeschool designs!

Well that's it for today.  I hope you are all doing well.  Peace to everyone.

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