Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do You Disappoint People?

Do you feel that you disappoint people? I imagine we all have or feel we have but and here's where it gets sticky - is it possible that others have too high of an expectation of of you or for you?

Some of this shows up during the holiday season for most people, at least in my opinion. For instance if your family or friends are pretty scattered across the globe is it really practical for you to bounce around the globe to make everyone happy and not disappointed? Probably not but for sure they'll be some hurt feelings if you choose one activity over another or one visit over another.

How can you make peace during this time or any other time when you're pulled in too many different directions? Is it possible to make peace with those you feel you've disappointed or do you make peace with yourself first? My feeling is if you're not happy then who really is going to be happy to be around you? Being the say all do all for another person isn't really going to make anyone happy is it - least of all you.

Social pressures are one thing but to completely ruin the good time you could have had if you didn't try to make everyone happy instead of making yourself happy seems like a waste of very valuable time.

For a lot of people the holiday season is a minefield of unresolved family issues. Wouldn't it just be easier to do what makes you happy and not worry about what other people think - even if it disappoints them? Why take one day a year to revisit something or someplace you'd rather not go? Or better yet, just agree beforehand to just let go of whatever feelings you are holding back and enjoy the day.

If it's not possible for everyone to let go of their sometimes unattainable expectations then are you really disappointing people?

Just food for thought....................

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