Saturday, December 10, 2011

Easy New England Chowder Recipe

It's that time of year when comfort food take a front seat in our home. Chowder is one of those recipes that can intimidate - at least for me - cooking with cream or milk always makes me freak out just a bit. I don't drink much milk as a rule as lactose can be a problem for me (more in the form of milk or ice cream for some reason). But one day I really wanted chowder and I really don't care much for the store bought canned stuff. One the other hand it seemed silly to make chowder just for one and spend money on all the ingredients since no one else really likes it. My husband agreed to try this version and he seems to really like it.

This makes an incredibly tasty chowder with essentially things you already have left over in your fridge/freezer. Substitute the fish of your choice - lobster would be good. The approximate total of fish in this recipe is close to a half pound.

Bakers Cheap Chowder

1 can of store bought ready to eat chowder - brand of your choice.
1 to 1/2 cups of light cream - you can easily substitute Soy (make sure it's plain though)
1 frozen fish filet - not fish sticks - haddock, pollack or flounder (I purchase the kind frozen in individual servings and average about $2.00 per filet)
1/4 pound of frozen scallops (fresh is fine)
1 can of sliced potatoes (drain)
1 tablespoon butter
Pepper to taste

Open can! Pour into medium sized sauce pan. Add light cream, butter, potatoes. Heat at low for approx. 10 minutes. Add frozen ingredients, break filet into pieces - no need to thaw. Increase heat slightly and cover. Cook until all ingredients are steaming hot - approx 30 minutes. Keep a watch on this since milk/cream does burn easily!

Makes 4 servings. Can be frozen (check container of Soy before freezing to be sure) for up to 2 mos.

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