Thursday, September 27, 2012

Insomnia (or what I do at 3:50AM)

Apparently turning 50 means you don't sleep like a normal person anymore.  After listening to the log snoring male pod next to me for two hours I decided better things could be done.

Vacuuming seemed like a poor choice and there wasn't enough laundry to even make me want to navigate the basement stairs - since falling probably meant breaking a limb and sitting there for hours waiting for help (since other inhabitants of this humble abode have no clue I'm up and they are pretty deaf).  So I did the following things;

Made a cup of hot cider - I was frankly to lazy to choose a tea flavor
Check my email - more political ads
Check my calender - realized my daughter is a chapter behind she said she was and has done the same math activity 6 times in a row and still can't score at least 80% (our benchmark of mediocrity)
Looked up how to spell mediocrity
Filled in a Flex Spending Form
Scanned two medical receipts to attach to Flex Spending Form
Faxed Flex Spending Form
Checked Facebook and commented on a photo
Sent an email to my daughter saying she needed to ask her father for help TODAY, not tomorrow
Checked TMZ to see if any new celebrities had died - nope but Honey Boo Boo was renewed for another season and gets three holiday specials (I felt our National IQ drop 4 more points)
Updated my blog

I'm still not tired.  My eyes are tired because they are after all 50 years old. My brain is still on full throttle.

I doubt Erma Bombeck got started this way.

(looked up how to spell Erma Bombeck and wished Google a happy 14th birthday)


Anonymous said...

Insomnia sucks, but can be productive for some. I usually get up and read a book!....Pam

Anonymous said...

Well Kelly, you have it right...50 equals non sleeping, hot flashes and alot of irrability!(I think I spelled that wrong but that will give you something to do tonight!!)Take it from your aunt, it doesn't improve much with age!

Unknown said...

I would have loved to read a book but geesh my eyes were killing me so I "felt" the keys to type!

I shudder at my being any more irritable since I fear someone will get physically hurt.

On the upside I did get a lot done. On the downside I'm not doing anything now except trying to figure out how to stay awake until at least 9pm. A walk on the beach sounds like a decent idea if only I could find someone to carry me!