Monday, October 01, 2012

Clarity is Probably the Wrong Word

Clarity as defined by Webster's Dictionary; the quality or state of being clear: lucidity

My clarity works differently and at odd times. Most of the time it's in the middle of the night.  Last night for some reason I woke up and my first thought was (and I'm not kidding you) "Carly is going to be upset now that  Jason is leaving Port Charles!"   Earth shattering I know.  I woke up from a dead sleep and thought about soap opera characters from GH.  So I got to work rearranging the whole cast.  In a nutshell I've decided that the writers need to get rid of Johnny so Sonny doesn't have anyone to argue mob related stuff.  I like Johnny so he should come back in a few months.  Then I decided that Sonny should work things out with Kate/Connie and Alexis should get all cozy with Shawn.  After that the show should center less around the mob and more around the hospital and the Floating Rib (a.k.a. Jake's - I miss bartender/owner Coleman) with Mack and Felicia.  Luke should come back and stay back too.  The Quartermaine's should lose all their money.

I know what your thinking - what the heck does this have to do with clarity?  I honestly have no clue except I woke up thinking very clearly about these characters.  Frankly they are much more interesting than the people I encounter in a regular day.  I would not say I was lucid my any stretch of the imagination.

I should consider taking an overnight job. Something that allows me to work in my PJ's.  I bet Walmart doesn't have a strict overnight dress code.

Wait, that might be just for the customers.

I clearly remember going to the drive in movies in my pj's. I remember seeing Song of the South and I remember seeing Mary Poppins.  I do not exactly remember what we had for dinner last evening.

Lucidity escapes me.

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