Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rebel Vino!

I finally figured out what I want for a tattoo, hence the Rebel title.  I want grapes!  Yes grapes - the kind you eat or drink as delicious vino (explains the vino part of the title)!  I figure if I get grapes as a tattoo it would always look like something when I was older. Who cares that it would look like raisins, it would still look like something!  Something more than a mass of color oozing down my arm or neck or back...hmmm...lovely visual.

Grape tattoo taken from Hello Vino Blog go check them out - some great wine suggestions
Speaking of wine my current favorite is TJ's 2010 Roccalta Sangiovese.  I know I have such expensive taste in wines and that $4.00 bottle really broke the bank but this wine always gives me a pleasant surprise when I open a bottle.  Nice tart plum taste with a hint of spice.  It's one of those wines that speaks to me on a chilly fall day but I even enjoy it as a spritzer in the summer.  Not that wine "speaks" to me literally unless I drink a complete bottle then the lamps speak to me and the carpet sings plus the dogs know "things" they don't talk about.

So off I go to find a person who can do grape tattoos then I'm going to pound back a few glasses of wine at the local biker bar. 

Born to be wild baby! Or is it born to be mild?

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