Sunday, November 18, 2012

Craptastick Trip Round-Up

Yeehaw! I believe I've finally recuperated enough to do a quick wrap up for my Craptastick Trip to NY, PA & Beyond. Yikes! It's not what I expected it would be. But I did learn things that I'd like to share with you. 

1. Buffalo is still very far away but holy mama Pennsylvania is even further! Why? 
2. I Love Lucy more than ever. Visit her museum in Jamestown NY if you get the chance. 
3. Hurricanes SUCK. 
4. Ohio SUCKS during election time. 
5. Truck stop food it's too horrible and the price is right and very entertaining in an odd way.
6. Bruce Springsteen still has an amazing "ass"et. 
7. All the plans you make will somehow go wrong. 
8. Driving with a 13 year old who never looks out the window gets old very fast. 
9. My GPS can't seem to tell the difference between right and left 

Oh and I will never for the life of me remember which button to push on my friend Lovey's power lift in his van. But don't fear for him - I have yet to catapult him into a tree and for that I'm sure he's very very thankful!
Lovey, Thurston, & Chowda in Pittsburgh

Bruce and his "ass"et

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