Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Musings

It's just a random musing sort of day.  Waiting for soup to cook so I have a few minutes to post questions and thoughts.

1. Can you have the Fa without the La La La?
2. Do we have to try to fade our age spots?  I tell everyone mine are a "tan" - it's November just work with me on this one people.
3. Can I just have a Sharpie tattoo and not a real tattoo and still be cool?
4. How come Black Friday bled into Cyber Monday?
5. I'm pretty sure I could watch the stuff on my DVR until February and still not be caught up.
6. Girl fights - today's topic on Dr. Phil. No I don't watch the show.  I just watch the commercials.
7. Strip club explodes in Springfield.  Do you send cash donations in singles or are gently used G-strings good too?
8. Does anyone like fruitcake?  If not then why is it still made?
9. I'm addicted to Pinterest.  It's like mommy crack.
10. How come you have to clean your house over and over?  Once really should be enough.

Hope you're all having a random musings day.

1 comment:

CBake said...

1.)Yes. Teletubbies with a stutter
2.)No. Any other response lands me in deep doo doo.
3.) Depends on size, colors used and location.
4.)Because I worked all weekend and all days blend together right now.
5.) I could be caught up in a week.
6.) Anything for ratings
7.) Would also recomend old platform shoes and any disco boots that still may be kickin around.
8.) No. I have no idea
9.) I would reccomend counciling.
10.) Dogs, cats kids and husbands