Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Review of 12.12.12 The Concert for Sandy

Not that anyone asked but here is my review of the 12.12.12 concert.

Overall great show - some weak moments (Kayne in a leather skirt ...umm yeah ok who dresses him - Kim Kardashian?). Kristen Stewart needs a stylist!  I felt the show shouldn't have started w/Bruce Springsteen - he would have been better after the Stones or The Who.  Would have loved to see Chris Martin and Michael Stipe open the show.  To some that might seem odd but singing REM's Losing My Religion could have been an amazing opening number.

I liked that the Stone's kept it brief but really could have listened to one more song since they just got the crowd slightly warmed up. "Jumpin Jack Flash" was a gas gas gas.  The crowd - don't get me started.  Seriously folks you're in the midst of musical greatness can you show some enthusiasm?  Those on the floor area seemed more interested in having themselves photographed than actually listening to the music.  How can you not be grooving to the Stones, the Who, Springsteen or Bon Jovi?  You would think you'd have been a fan of at least one performer on the bill.  Apparently this is where the mucky mucks sat.  Would have loved to see survivors of Hurricane Sandy sitting in the important people seats.  Bet they would have shakin' what their mama's gave them.

The Grey Beards - retired city workers, cracked me up.  Poor Steve Buscemi couldn't get a word in and obviously had trouble with live television but he was a good sport.  Adam Sandler - you knocked me out.  Drunk Uncle, don't think most people in the crowd "got" you but funny as usual.  Chris Rock, the act is old so please sit down your teeth are blinding me!

Eric Clapton reached pretty deep into his catalog of music with "Nobody Knows You (when you're down and out)" which was a surprise because generally no one else did except maybe The Who's "Bell Boy" which I doubt even 10% of the audience had ever seen or heard before (Quadrophenia for those less cool).  Worth the risk in my opinion since Clapton rocked.

The Who was amazing.  Yeah, yeah Roger Daltry's voice is about an octave lower than it used to be (shit he's 68 people) but still strong.  "Bell Boy" was a risky pick but I did enjoy seeing Keith Moon's face and hearing his voice.  Pete Townsend can still shred it and "Baba O'Reilly" still rocks. "Love Reign O'er Me" was still as stunning as it was ever.

Billy Joel where have you been?  Voice sounds wonderful.  Sir you need to get back out touring but not with Elton John.  Just go alone, no opening act, just you.  Speaking of alone; Eddie Vedder you were robbed.  Roger Waters was a snooze and depressing.  He really dragged down the show playing old Floyd stuff.  Eddie you should have gone on with The Who or Bruce Springsteen.  Maybe you had somewhere else to be so I can let it go this time.  Your talent was hugely wasted.

Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi's sets were pretty standard and what I expected.  Would have liked an additional song from both of them maybe even as a combined Jersey Shore Band or some such thing.  My City of Ruins was an obvious choice but would have loved to see "Asbury Park; 4th of July (Sandy)" for all the shore rats running up and down the boardwalk.  Would have been a good duet with Jon Bon Jovi instead of "Born to Run" which seemed like it had audio issues w/JBJ's vocals.  JBJ could have dug up another shore kind of song to round it out or maybe "Keep the Faith".  They both seemed wasted so early in the show and the people on the floor again didn't seem to understand they were at a concert.  Stressed out all night over their lack of enthusiasm! Shitola get off your asses folks!

Enjoyed Alicia Keyes though I wish when she came back out to do the ending it could have been more of a bang with additional performers on stage but given the length of the show that probably wasn't possible - still would have loved to see all performers back out one more time.  Would have also maybe liked her to duet with either Chris Martin or even Billy Joel. She has talent to spare and though seemed to me an odd line up choice at first she really was a shining light during her performances.

What can you say about Sir Paul?  Most excellent though his face is starting to scare me a bit.  Helter Skelter was amazing, Blackbird poignant in it's simplicity (very much like Martin & Stipe), Live and Let Die - fantastic but the Nirvana reunion was meh for me.  Yeah I like Dave Grohl heck who doesn't but while musically it was pretty cool it just seemed like an odd placement.  No Nirvana music which was fine (since it's my understanding Courtney Love owns most of it and she's just a cray cray in my opinion) and the new song they sang was pretty good.  Just seemed like it was in the wrong spot perhaps. Remove Kayne and add Nirvana to his spot? Bet dollars to donuts Dave Gorhl doesn't wear a skirt.

So all and all the show was very satisfying.  Let's hope they made a boat load of money and it gets to the people who need it most.  The film montages were very touching and a great reminder that so much still needs to be done.

Kayne you just don't have the bod for the leather skirt.  There is a pirate ride at Coney Island that's looking for help.

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