Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Things In My Mailbox

Sometimes (often) I open my mailbox and think "why the hell am I getting this crap" and "how do these people find me".  I understand cookies, keywords, search engine queries,age and location demographics but you tell me why I am receiving these items;

1. Horny Singles Are Waiting to Talk YOU
2. You Are Approved for a Free Scooter
3. Top Brand Pharmaceuticals Available Right Now
4. Want to Last Longer?
5. You're Approved for a Payday Loan
6. Make 5k by Tomorrow

What does my computer say about me? Does it have a mind of it's own and just search for random stuff when it's off?  Maybe the Nigerian Prince, who keeps trying to reach me to send me money so I can send it back to him because of some crazy misunderstanding ( he's in a Turkish prison and I am such an honest person he searched me out for help) has remote access to my computer?

I strongly doubt horny singles are waiting to talk with me.  I'm not sure exactly why they want to talk if they are horny and if I did, for some reason want to talk to them I'd probably need a Payday Loan or 5k by tomorrow.

Perhaps I need to go through my Spam box and match up those people who would be a good fit.  Like the Scooter People and the personal injury lawyers and those people who just want to "TALK" with those on Free Webcams and the Pharma people could probably chat among themselves on who would most benefit from four hour erections and hay fever relief.

Ohh have to run.  According to my Spam box someone is searching for me and someone else is checking my background.  Maybe it's another Nigerian Prince!

Do they have princes in Nigeria?  I'm kind of afraid to Google it.............

I dream that my Nigerian Prince looks like Tracy Morgan

Hey while you're trying to figure that out do me a favor and hit up my friends at Bank of New Hampshire on Facebook and click on the Vote Icon and vote for the American Red Cross NH as this months recipient of funds from their charitable giving department.  Not only do you help a worthy cause but you help out an organization that is near and dear to me.  

I promise it will make you feel good.  So go on and click click click...right now...goooo!


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