Saturday, February 09, 2013

We Got Bread. We Got Eggs and Milk. We have French Toast!

Wow folks.  This storm has left things a bit messy.  So far we're up to approximately 25-26" of snow.  We've been lucky, only two brief power outages in the middle of the night.  I know this because I have OCDsomnia.  It's like insomnia except not only can you not sleep but you mentally rearrange your spices by alpha and size of jar order and then you decide maybe by color could work and then you think Oxyclean would make your sheets whiter, you could probably make sloppy joes for dinner if the power is on and you know there are brownies sitting on a plate in the microwave and now you really need one but next time you need to add more cocoa to the mix....that's OCDsomnia!

Seeing lots of photos of stores with bare shelves.  Wow people of New England!  We all know the only supplies you need are milk, bread, and eggs to make French Toast.  It's the traditional meal of those snowbound. The Donner Party for some reason chose to eat each other.  I guess the guy who was suppose to pack the French Toast supplies didn't do his job.

When the power goes out we eat crackers, chips, and Fluffernutter sandwiches! And no you can't make it with just any plain old "creme' like Jet-puffed or anything like that it has to be made with FLUFF and nothing else.  I'm pretty picky about my peanut butter too.  It has to be Teddy's All Natural (you know the kind you need to stir to get the oil all mixed in and you have to refrigerate it).  If you can make it with Wonder Bread all the better! Though since Wonder Bread is not currently available that probably means the bread is now stale though my understanding is Wonder Bread like Twinkies can last forever.

If all else fails cover the stale Wonder Bread in eggs and milk and voila! French Toast!

Fluffernutter - feeding New England Children for decades!

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