Monday, March 18, 2013

Fluffy Cheesella's

I started working out about three weeks ago.  It's sucks.  Really, it does so why sugarcoat it.  I hate every minute of it but thankfully I'm competitive and since I started this imaginary trek to Cleveland and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame I need to finish it out since my friend Michele just won't let it rest.  She peer pressured  me to sign up for a 5k race.  I'm not only competitive but I'm apparently a sucker.  She also tells me I'm too short to kick her ass. She isn't very nice but that is how I like my friends.  Sweet and perky people really piss me off.

Anyhow, while working out my brain tends to wander.  Today it wandered toward food - which is why I need to work out (since my quest to be taller has yet to come to fruition as is apparent since I can't kick my friends ass).  So I'm doing these stupid exercises that make me look like I'm trying to take flight but gravity keeps sucking me down and right between kickbacks and knee lifts it comes to me.  My newest career choice - restaurateur!

See, I had this craving for a peanut butter & Fluff sandwich - you know, a Fluffanutter.  If you're not from New England you'll have to Google it.  So I start thinking; what are my two favorite sandwiches.  Peanut butter & Fluff and grilled cheese.  Now If I could add banana's and Nutella now that's food nirvana.  Screw the fancy stuff.  Plain and simple is the way to go. Ooey gooey chewy....YUM!

So I'm sweating up a storm, guzzling water (or vodka who keeps track) and thinking "yeah Fluffanutters".  Seems pretty straightforward and simple just two types of sandwiches, endless types of cheeses, peanut butters, and bread.  Just keep it simple.  I mean who doesn't love a Fluffanutter sandwich or a grilled cheese?  Easy to make, yummy, portable.

Portable...then it hit me - screw a restaurant or even a take out joint.  The way to go is a pushcart!  So I sat down and Googled  pushcart so could get an idea of the price.  Dream shattered, they are pretty pricey. I weep momentarily and then it hits me... I can just grab a cooler and a hibachi grill!  Cool like ice, hot like fire!

So if you see some middle-aged lady carrying a hibachi grill, a cooler with an attached umbrella, and a big straw hat set at a jaunty angle trekking across the sand this summer yelling "Fluffy Cheesella's" don't kick sand in my face.  Instead wave me over, offer me a cool beverage and buy one of my sandwiches!

Now this is a good idea....

And look I can even have a parade of them...

If you're bored this week come and visit me on Twitter - KellyOBaker.  I'm working on staging a write-in candidacy for Miss America! Yeah I know you don't actually "vote" for Miss America but I need to do something since my quest to be Pope failed.

I got 3 votes.

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