Thursday, June 20, 2013

Off With Her Hair!

Lots of us, myself included, always say they want to make a difference in the world.  We also complain about how we'd do things better than insurance companies, the government, schools, churches, you name it and we think we have a better "way" to manage things or to do better than what is being done.

Well I decided to stop talking about it and to start doing it.  My first project is Cut It Off For Kim.  Kim is my cousin.  She's a great lady and was one of my childhood playmates.  Cousins are, at least in my family, your first friends.  My cousins are all special to me even if I don't see many of them on a regular basis.  I'm not sure I'd take a bullet for them but if a cookie was in danger of crashing into one of them you bet I'd be there to fend it off.  We've kicked each other, bit each other, told on each other and built endless blanket forts together.  Now it's time to support each other.

Cut It Off For Kim is an online fundraiser.  Kim has cancer.  I won't get into details about what kind and all the scientific stuff but she recently had a bone marrow transplant so in reality she's like a brand new person.  Cancer sucks.  Ask my cousin Ray about his son Aybel he'll tell you cancer SUCKS. Ask all those people who loved my father, they'll tell you -Cancer SUCKS!  I can name ten people in my family on both my mom's and my dad's side who have lost their fight with cancer.  My own sister had cancer and so far - one year out - is still cancer free.  Our family has been dealt a hand where Acey, Deucey, One-Eyed Jack's may be high but cancer is also in that hand (I'd like to thank my mother for my gambling and card shark skills...penny poker, long summer nights - N Street, Hampton Beach 1962-1980 and yes she'd take money from her children - winning is winning after all).

I can't sit on the sidelines anymore.  The rest of you shouldn't either.  Stop saying you'll do something about what's going on in the world and actually get off your ass and do it.  Posting how much you hate, love, like, enjoy, or despise something on Facebook is not helping.  Complaining on Twitter is NOT HELPING.  Sitting in front of the television yelling at Diana Sawyer or Anderson Cooper is not helping.  Getting off your ass and out of your comfort zone is the only way to make this world the kind of place we all seem to want to live in.  But you have to do the hard work.  I have to do the hard work.  We all need to pick up a little around our square foot of the planet.

Now Cut it Off for Kim is not hard work.  What she is doing is hard work.  She's taking cancer by the balls and not letting go until she has her life back....scratch that...until she has a BETTER life going forward.

So here's the deal.  You donate to Cut It Off For Kim.  $1.00 to amount is too small.  IF I reach $1000.00 by July 19th (or sooner - sooner would be fantastic) I shave my hair off.  All of it. Every last bit of it.  I'm doing it to help with medical costs.  I'm doing it because shaving my head is the least I can do for someone who needs my help.  I'm also doing it because I'm a little itty bit crazy (sssh that's a secret).  If I raised $2500.00 my husband (he of hardly any humor) will join me.

So click the link and donate.  Skip tomorrows coffee.  Skip tomorrows fast food (it makes you fat and gassy anyway right).  Skip the fucking cigarettes - they'll give you cancer dude and no one likes a dude lugging an oxygen tank behind them.

I bet my head has a pretty good "shape".  Square is a shape right?

This could be me on July 19th!

So stop sitting there waiting for someone else to do all the work.  Chip in.  Donate.  Find a cause worth taking the time for.  Just fahking do it!

(Nike nixed that media campaign - go figure)

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